Bethany Baptist Church

The Jubilee Singers presented a short program of patriotic songs, Sunday evening, entitled, “Sweet Freedom’s Song.” The Jubilee Singers are made up of Darlene Sorensen, Sally Sorensen, Norma Stillings, Erin Boergert, and Linda Wood led by song leader, Scott Boergert.

Our veterans were honored in the morning service. Adrain Owen led the pledge to the American flag. Adrain is a World War II combat veteran that went in to Germany soon after the D-Day Invasion. All of us who enjoy the freedoms we have, owe a debt of gratitude to those who hazarded their lives to preserve that freedom.

Pastor Robert Sorensen brought a message on, “How To Make America Great Again.” Whether the goal is to maintain America’s freedoms, prosperity, and pursuit of happiness or spiritual freedom to stand for moral righteousness and to give honor to the Creator, good men have to stand ready for battle.

In order to have spiritual victory, the warriors must have discipline to obey orders from above, determine to stay in the battle when it gets rough. There needs to be agreement on the rules of battle. It takes dedication to the cause. Each warrior must be ready for duty, prepared, and armed for the battle when the orders come. The weapon of choice is the “sword of the Lord, our Holy Bible. Even so their efforts will be destined to fail, without the intervention of the Lord. Are we Christians ready to stand with the Lord in this battle for moral righteousness in our own lives and in America?