Trinity Lutheran Church

Richard Sturgeon Wayne A. Strohschein, pastor. First Sunday after Pentecost. We call ourselves Trinity Lutheran Church. There is much meaning and significance in the name of a church. By its name it is known. We its people through these 40 years have fleshed out what was then only a beginning, a time of hopes and dreams of what might be and look at us now. We are still a people of hopes and dreams though they may be different than they were then. We are a community of faith giving witness to the community around us. We came into being because some people had a sense of mission. We still have a sense of mission. Though the word trinity is not found in the scriptures, today’s second reading includes the apostolic greeting that often begins our liturgy. More than a doctrine, the Trinity expresses the heart of our faith: we have experienced the God of creation made known in Jesus Christ and with us always through the Holy Spirit. We celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity in word and sacrament, as we profess the creed, and as we are sent into the world to bear witness to our faith. This church, Trinity Lutheran Church, is the heartbeat of our faith. It is our name, it is our home, it is from here we go to meet the world in sure and confident hope with words and deeds that give our witness to who is the Lord Our God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The wonder of the texts for this Sunday are not in any theology that they present but that they point us to the most significant truth about the Trinity: that knowing God as Trinity is not having information about God but responding to an invitation to be in a relationship with God. Jesus has made no attempt to sugarcoat the ministry which the disciples are entering, He’s forewarned them about inevitable persecutions, torture, hatred, betrayals, floggings, being like sheep in the midst of wolves, and more (Matt. 5:11-12; 10:16; 24:9-10). Into this reality they are sent as ordinary people but marked by the God who knows them intimately, the Son who has taken on their flesh and blood to reveal divine love that knows no bounds, and the Spirit who will bring to reality Jesus’ promise to be with them always. With that they become extra ordinary with a new identity, a new mission and new life. The relationship to the God of the Old Testament is far different than the relationship we have with the God of the New Testament. This new life comes from the God of the Trinity. The grace of God is revealed in the gift of life given birth by God’s creating word, beautifully narrated in the Genesis reading. The psalm provides a response to this astounding gift of life and vocation. In the Gospel, the risen Jesus gives new life, found in his victory over sin and death. The renewing life of the Holy Spirit comes again and again as believers are gathered and sustained. On this day, the festival of the Holy Trinity, we are sent forth anew, filled with words of promise, “Remember, I am with you always” to live as people of the Triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Council will meet today following worship. Happy Anniversary today to Pastor Wayne and Karen Strohschein. And a Happy birthday next Saturday to Pastor Wayne. Naomi Circle will hold its regular meeting and Bible study Wednesday at 9:30 AM. The church will be occupied next Saturday for the Otto/Rance wedding. Today’s lector is Jerry Johnson. Next Sunday’s lector is Hulda Tipton. Naomi Circle will meet at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. Sunday school is at 9:30 a.m. with worship at 10:45 a.m. Sunday.