Missouri Auditor Issues Report on State Performance in Key Areas such as Health, Education

Report compares state bench-marks to national averages

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (June 19, 2017) Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released a report examining the state’s performance in key areas such as the economy, education and health. The report provides a snapshot of Missouri’s statistics and rankings compared to other states and is designed as a resource for citizens and policy-makers in Missouri.

The report is divided into six main categories: economy, education, civic involvement, health, crime and transportation. Topics within those categories include income, job growth, unemployment, taxes, poverty, test scores, high school and college graduates, voter turnout, smoking, obesity, teen births, health insurance, crime, gas taxes, and road and bridge conditions.

Data and ranking information comes from independent sources cited throughout the report, and is collected by the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs’ Institute of Public Policy at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The complete report can be found online on the auditor’s website.