This a great day for us all. We have 14 members and things are really going great. We all weighed in and turned in our food charts and dues to our treasures.- Holly B., Boni M. our leaders welcomed all of us- We said our pledges. We had roll call.- Holly B.- Statistics- Boni M. Our weekly Hi- Loser- Cindy V. Today’s Lesson; Boni M. Its on Cut & Burn. This is a million pounds mission. This for all Tops & Kops. My inspiration, my motivation, my fitness, my support system, my backup plan, my rewards. This is very important to us all. It’s great to be healthy and not be sitting around- Next week’s lesson; Barbara L. “Sole Survivor,” Patty- Kops, Fontella- Tops wasn’t here! Thanks to our leader Boni M. for the Cut & Burn! Our recogniton program for (May 2016-April 2017) will be at our May 2nd meeting. Contests are ongoning. We did our (“Circle of Friends”) Remember to take off pounds sensibly! Till next week!