Easter Sunday morning we were blessed with some much needed rain, then it cleared enough for  the kids to have their Easter egg hunt outside at our house while they had to have it inside at church.

The band opened service with music then hymns. Brother Claude Robertson brought a short devotion and welcome.

We had prayer then Donna Lewis brought the special about Mary knowing that Jesus would have to suffer for our sins, and it was beautiful.

Trae and Kendra Shelton brought scripture then a praise song.

Brother Claude sang a special about the stone being rolled away and Jesus being gone.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Matthew 27, “The Death and Resurrection of Jesus.”

Our house was full after church Sunday, when family and friends gathered for a meal and fellowship. We always invite people who don’t have family close by, to come dine with us. There is always room for one more.

Those having Easter Sunday dinner at our house were Geraldeen Carter, Kay Peak, Rusty, Becky, Maeson and Hailey Carter, Ashton Kyger, Shawn, Summer, Caidence and Conner Johnson, Donna Bannister, Gary and Bevy Moore, Jack and Barbara Breshears, Delmar and me.

We also sent food to Eldon Bice in the nursing home and sent plates of food home with some for their supper.

I got a nice surprise on Sunday when my granddaughter stopped along the way here and picked me a bouquet of Daffodils to put on the table. She does that every year. Thank you, Summer Johnson.

Well, Delmar and I have been busy putting down laminate flooring in one bedroom and still have one more bedroom to do. Needless to say, we are both sore. That kind of work is for young people to do, not us oldies.

We are enjoying the rain that God has been giving us to water the gardens and fields .

We had a really nice visit with Terry Breshears who brought us a good mess of fresh mushrooms, already cleaned and soaked in salt water and ready to be cooked. We appreciate it very much, Terry and Missy Breshears for sharing with us.

Until next time, continue to remember what Jesus did for us all.