Quad Cities

So this month is speeding by too. Not much going on here this week, we had a big thunderstorm a few nights ago. The wind was blowing really hard, rain coming down the window in sheets & hail hitting the window hard & of course thunder & lightning. It did damage other places, but not right here that I know of.

It’s supposed to rain the next few days starting tonight, but Easter Sunday is supposed to be nice so that’s good. I was having some problems last night, but I don’t know if anything is going around right now.

I may of already said this, but I bought a card & had some more time put on my trac phone & then it “service disabled” so I couldn’t answer the phone when it rang or call out or anything. So as bad as I hated to I had to call  them again & spent 2/1/2 hrs saying “ what, excuse me didn’t understand you, Pardon me, talk slower etc. for 2/1/2 hrs. I always dread to call them for anything because that’s how it always goes. I got transferred to about 2 or 3 other people & they all spoke the same language. I’ve had a new smart phone for a few years now, but just don’t want to go all through that again. But I should because I would get triple the time on that one. I have to get out tomorrow & run errands. I’ve got to where I don’t want to go anywhere, but have to anyway. I need to go back to my chiropractor in Muscatine, but keep putting that off. I have to go to my heart doctor later this month & they’re close to each other so maybe I can go to both the same day. Well, “I trust you Jesus” & I also believe in angels, they help me all the time Take care of yourselves & Bye, bye for now.