Nubbin Ridge Homemakers

We had a great day in the Nubbin Ridge Homemaker’s Club this past Thursday, April 13.  Our topic was gardening.  I just bought my home last year, so this discussion was a great help to me!  I learned a lot from ladies who have a lot of knowledge in this area. The book, You Can Garden Anywhere, by The Editors of FC&A Publishing is an excellent resource. Norma Stillings gave the devotion using Luke 8:4-11 on not being a hindrance to the Holy Spirit.  Pat Banks read a poem, “A Christian’s Garden,” by Pastor Robert Sorenson of Bethany Baptist Church.

We met at Terri Hall’s lovely home.  We had seven members present and one visitor, Marisol, who brought her four delightful and well-behaved daughters with her.

We played Bingo and had an array of desserts and chips and dip, spread out for everyone to enjoy.  Terri is a fabulous hostess and ensured that everyone had enough to eat and had an enjoyable time.

Our DOW Spring Fling, where we meet with other groups in our district, is in Tecumseh on April 18.