Mt. Tabor Church

A beautiful day began with our pledges, singing and remembering those in need of prayer, for Easter Sunday. Our group was small, however, it was a great day to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.

Brother Raymond Haden was our guest speaker, reading the entire 24th chapter of Luke. This tells the story of Peter, John and Mary, as they came to the tomb, seeking to find where Jesus’ body had been taken. The empty tomb and risen Savior is our hope today, excellent message.

Brother Charles McFarland will be our speaker this Sunday, please join us if you can.

The Missouri Assn. of General Baptists will begin Friday evening at 7 p.m. and continue all day Saturday.

LeAnna Elliott, MaKayla, Logan and Nora, visited Jewell, Tuesday, on one of their “no school” days.

Jeff and Kristy Tackett spent the weekend with Harold and Kay Hutchison. They enjoyed having Grant Clements with them Saturday afternoon.

Dan and Kim Clements visited Tuesday afternoon.