Little Creek

Wednesday & Thursday were beautiful beyond words as well as Tuesday which I spent with my girls, Karen & Nicole, who always take me for my appointments in Springfield. We had dinner together in between my 2 doctors & I got home at 3:30. A good day together!

Then Wednesday, I enjoyed being with my quilting friends which are my relatives all but two. We are missing Ruth and will always miss Barb & Ruby. Barb is not able to come due to health issues and Ruth likewise. I ate dinner at Heart of the Ozarks Care Center with Ruth, Carl Seivert, and Lola, last week and enjoyed being with friends there. So you see I have been out and about.

Greg & Karen Evans were at his mother, Norma’s helping her with repairs. They always enjoy Norma’s good cooking.

My sister Jean enjoyed a trip to Branson with Katrice, Jamie, Autum, & Julia McAfee. She said she replenished her wardrobe which was in need of. So she with be sporting new summer clothes, & soon her Easter outfit.

Wanda Huffman was back to club. She said Bill feels better since his surgery. And Alma is soon to have knee replacement. So we will keep them in our prayers as we do all of one another

Our community lost two special friends who left this old world of pain to be with Jesus & heaven’s loved ones. Mike Jones was a man of special gifts from God. He could acquire friends of whomever he met even though he teased them non-ending. Mike never picked on me & I just thought he didn’t like me, so I asked him finally why I didn’t get his special treatment and Mike said “I never pick on you or my mother because you neither one are “ugly” (which was  Mike’s favorite word) and you put up with all of us kids so that’s why. Maybe I like you both a little better.” I loved Mike as long as I knew him.

And, as I did Pat. She was a good friend and she & my sister, Jean, were “sisters” in spirit if not by blood. This world is sadder each time we lose one of our friends because we are selfish & want them here. Jesus knows when it is time. I offer pray that God wil give you each one peace & strength.

I got a letter from a special friend, Sue Hartgraves, & she ask for prayer for her son Philip for healing of a heart condition & also she covets prayer for herself and son, John.

Sue, I pray for you & I miss seeing you. I would love to have a talkfest & reminesce about our good times together & the meals we shared. I guess memories will have to suffice for life takes its toll, doesn’t it?

And a sweet hello to two ladies in Arkansas. How are you doing, my sisters in Christ Betty Burton and Lynda Hesterlee? Thanks for the letter Betty. I will answer all letters in due time, my friends. In the meantime, know that I love you all & have great memories of us all in better times. I thought I would get to my memories of other mothers but maybe not enough time today.

Mothers have the most important  job of any, to teach their childrens compasson, generosity, & a love & knowledge of God. The hardest part of being a mother is to ler them go.

And just think of Mary, the most exalted mother of all time, who bore a child & had to let Him go, & watch Him die and in truth she gave Him to the World.

We don’t read much about Mary so we must rely on what scripture we find & rely also on our imagination.

We first read of Mary in St. Matthew ch1:18-25 and St. Luke ch 1:26-31 & 34 & 35 also 38-42.

And so some thoughts I had & explanation from the good book of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Mother I am thinking of.

Just put yourself in Mary’s place when she knew she was with child. She knew what she knewbut how could she expect people to believe

But everywhere we read of Mary she is composed & calm, with such faith so as to leave things in God’s hands. If only we had such faith when Mary understood that God put an honor on her above all,   even above Eve, who was the Mother of all living._ Mary could have been vain.

Instead Mary was confounded & troubled in mind. When she questioned Gabriel, I believe it was not by distrust or doubt, but a desire to be further instructed.

Mary came to the conclusion in verses 37& 38, that with God nothing is impossible. And Mary does not object to the danger of blemishing her reputation but leaves the matter to God & she submits entirely to His will.

There are lessons to be learned from reading of Mary & I find it most helpful to know that we guide our desires by the Word of God & ground our hopes upon His Word.

Next we read of Mary when Jesus was 12 years old in St. Luke Ch. 2 verses 40-52.

Even tho He was the Son of God yet He was obedient & respectful of His parents but He let them know that He had a Father in Heaven who came first.

We read again of Mary in St. John 19:25-27. Mary attends Jesus to His death. We do not find her wringing her hands or rending her clothers. But with composure tanding by the cross.

We do not know what we can bear ‘til we are tried and it’s then we know Him who said “My grace is sufficient for thee’

Last we read in Acts 1:13-14. We read of those who witnessed Jesus being taken up and then when returning went up into an upper room where they with Mary continued in prayers all in one accord. And this is the last mention of Mary in the scriptures.

Mary was a virtuous woman. We’re asked “What is a virtuous woman? First I’m told she is a crown to her husband. And I’d add “She is a woman of spirit and resolution who is firm & steady in her principles.

How many of us have known such women I have known some. We find men mostly in the forfront in the Bible but I think women were & are as important as men in God’s eyes.

So I believe Mary was a virtuous woman & she leaves a powerful message. And even tho she was the mother of our Lord she had need of Him as her Savior. She had to deal with the fact that her son was also her Lord & Mary said “yes” to God  without the faintest clue as to what that “yes” was going to mean & that she must face the unthinkable.

Who could have expected that hope from the grace of a tender teenaged girl called Mary

For generations the people of Israel have followed the law God gave Moses. Now Jesus will offer a new way & path to God. And he didn’t treat men one way and  women another. We see that he used women mightily to change destiny.

Happy Easter Everyone!