Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello to all of our family and friends!  Did everyone have a wonderful day during the Easter celebration?  We did up here in our lovely home.  Norma Stillings, Lola Mayberry, and a few more friends from our local community came in and sang with us.  We were all up and ready to go with the warm weather filling our hearts and souls.  It always puts everyone in high spirits, the weather does.

Later that evening we kicked back and watched movies for it was a good time to relax.

Sunday we filled our bellys during breakfast and got ready for Sunday school with Larry Moore. After lunch we were joined by the 1st Southern Baptist Church.  It was just another wonderful day for us.  Monday we joined in Bible study with Bro. Jeff Smith, he had quite the crowd when he walked in.

After lunch we celebrated with our monthly birthday party.  Happy birthday to Peggy, Louise, and Anthony!  Also happy birthday to everyone else who was born in April!  Tuesday we were joined by the Ava Middle School National Honor Society and stuffed around 5,000 easter eggs!  Kids, candy, and easter eggs every where, oh my!  We worked hard stuffing those eggs, after we finished them up, the kids joined us in a game of bingo.

After our lunch Evelyn Harper joined us with her treats and called another round of bingo for us.  It was a busy fun filled day.  Wednesday we finished up what little Easter eggs were left and watched a western.  After Tuesday, Wednesday was a good day to relax.

Thursday finally arrived!  Our annual Easter egg hunt was finally here!  We got up early, ate, and got ready to join the kids outside when they showed up.  It was such a beautiful day outside, many of us didn’t want it to end.  The Ava Head Start and Ava Kindergarten classes joined us.  Those kids can run very, very fast when it comes to getting those eggs.  I wonder if they clean their rooms that fast?

Friday after breakfast we started getting ready for our big Easter lunch.  We were moving furniture, setting up tables, and making center pieces.  The kitchen was hard at work getting the meal prepared for all of us with family and friends. Then it was time for us to eat!  We were served roast with mashed potatoes, green beans, hot roll, and a side salad.  For dessert we had choclate brownies with strawber-ries on top.  They were made to look like a carrot patch, absolutely delicious and beautiful!

We would like to welcome Carolyn Lamb into our home, and congratulate Patricia McQueen on her return home.  From our home to yours have a wonderful week! With love from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center of Ava, Mo.