Friendship News

Church started Sunday morning by singing Because He Lives. Ronnie Epps took over as Superintendent. Prayer by Bro. Lyle Wright. Sunday School lesson The Risen Redeemer Acts 3:13-26 taught by Ronnie Epps. After a good Sunday School lesson, we sang several songs. Specials was Ferne Cooper sang a song, Andrea, Hunter Stewart,. Lena Ingram, Elsie Atchison sang a few songs, Sue Wright and daughter and granddaughter sang a song. Bro Lyle Wright brought the message. He read Acts 10:34-48. He prayed. After a good message we sang. Dismissed by Sister Diane Strunk.

Church started Sunday night with prayer by Bro. Raymond Haden. We sang several songs. Specials was Raymond sang a song, Lena Ingram, Elsie Atchison, Sue Wright, Raymond, Naida Haden, and Marvin Loftin. Bro Marvin Loftin brought the message. He read Mark 16:1-20. He prayed. After a good message, he prayed. We sang a song. Dismissed by Sister Annabelle Walker.

Those visiting Elsie Atchison Monday was Debbie Ritter, Lena, Terrill. Tuesday was Debbie Ritter, Wednesday was Lena Ingram. Friday was Lena, Terrill, Peyton Ingram, Brett Vonallmen, Debbie Ritter. Those visiting Elsie Sunday was Noel, Donna Atchison, Lena, Terrill, Peyton Ingram.