Good morning to all our friends and neighbors.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter weekend.

I sure did! Where do I start? Our weekend was awesome, one that we’ll remember forever.

You see Ethan and Lindsey got married on Saturday afternoon at the Mound Church. There was a very large crowd. I didn’t get the number of attendance. I just hope everything went like Lindsey had dreamed it would be. It was beautiful and Mr. Dowell did an outstanding job with the vows and message.

The kids are gone on their honeymoon and I’m sure their having a good time.

Roger just came in to rest a minute and get a cold drink. He has been busy this morning. He don’t get a day off very often.

I can’t think of any news. I just had my fifty-nineth wedding anniversary on the nineth of April and I have lots of good memories. I tell the kids that it was back in my other lifetime. You see Carl has been gone a little over twenty years now. The thirty-nineth year that we had together was really good. Twenty years of that time we were traveling with the Navy.

Well, I’m just writing my thoughts so I’d better get busy.

No news. Just hope everybody is well and enjoying this good rain, so I’ll sign off for this time.