Music?  Will there be music at the Champion Spring Celebration… the Spring Fling?  Word from those in the know is, absolutely, especially if you musicians come and bring your instruments!  One is planning to bring extra instruments, because there are so many people who play, but have not played in years.  Their guitars are languishing under their beds, gathering not dust, but age.  They might prove to be valuable heirlooms for survivors and heirs, though it is said that an instrument that is not being played might as well be stove wood. So drag them out, tune them up or borrow one and join the fun on May 6th starting about 11:00 or so.  It will be on a par with that extraordinary happening back in October of 2011, at what was called Henson’s Grand Reopening.

A person looking on can find pictures of the event by looking under Champion Events or under Champion Videos to find David Richardson’s excellent recording of the event.  The sound track starts out with Ashoaken Farewell.  It is very cinematic. David is one of those solid citizens, ready to share his talents for every good cause. Prominent Champions will be cooking, so there will be great food at a nominal cost and great opportunities to reconnect with old friends in a spot that is itself like an old friend–Champion.

Wednesday was a red letter day on the wide, wild, wooly banks of Auld Fox Creek.  Emma had never been to Missouri, so in the company of native, Don Dooms, she was initiated into the charms and foibles of Booger County. They lingered a spell and are now ambling their way west through Oklahoma and on out to Arizona before heading north to Idaho for an approximate arrival on May Day. Don allows as how there are no ticks up there.  (Note to TCN:  fact-check that.)

Harley and Barbara were home for a little while and it was lovely to see them resting on the wide veranda and reconnecting with friends and lots of family at the old home place. Barbara was under the weather and friends hope the trip to Champion helped her feel better. Vivian Floyd enjoyed the day at the Historic Emporium together with her son and his wife, and their little dog.  One of Skyline’s new school board members frequents the Emporium any day of the week. She has her finger on the pulse of the community. Charlie Lambert has not been in the neighborhood for a while.  Maybe he will make it back for the Spring Celebration. Meanwhile, his brother was busy sharing mushrooms with the Preeminent Champion. Wes said that he found mushrooms under sycamore trees this year and that they seemed to be a little higher up on the hills.  Tensions ran high on the horseshoe pitch as Harley and the General teamed up against Lux’s Dad and a fellow who says he is “too blessed to be stressed.” Final scores were not available, and really the most engaging part of the scene was the audience.  Drayson, Carson and Chase sat in the bleachers in rapt attention.  Ethel of Omo received a compliment in absentia when the unstressed horseshoe player displayed the birthday card he had received from her.  It featured a truck just like his, but with a better paint job.  His remark was that she is always thoughtful in personal ways. The square was full of cars and trucks and scampering children – another pleasant day, one that is reminiscent of a Saturday back in the 1930s and 40s.

There was another welcome home party for Bob and Mary on Thursday at Vanzant.   It is getting to be a regular thing.  Friday was Bob’s birthday so several folks at the bluegrass jam let loose with that special song for him.  Someone will sing it for Skyline 8th grader, Haley Wilson, and for kindergarten student, Jordan Ellingsworth, on the 23rd.   Third grade student, Shelby Wilson, will celebrate on the 24th.  Eli Johnson is a first grade student with a birthday on the 28th.  Isaam Creed is a 7th grade student rejoicing on the 29th. Taegan Krider, another first grader, has her birthday on the 30th.   This time of the year people stay in the mood for a party.

Champions and Skyline students and parents  are reminded that next Tuesday the 25th, is the last Tuesday of the month and that means Nannette Hirsch will be at Henson’s Store from 9:00 to 11:00 doing blood pressure checks as a service of the Douglas County Health Department for the citizens of the area.  She will be at the Skyline School the following Tuesday from 8:45 to 10:00.  She is a pleasant person providing a real amenity.   She will surely be at the Champion Spring Celebration/ Fling.

Desmond Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984.  He is 85 years old now and a retired Anglican bishop.  During the 1980s he became famous as an activist against the policies of apartheid.  He has been given many awards including the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitar-ianism in 1986, and the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2007.

The good soaking rains have encouraged the seasonal greening and soon the time of the lilac and dogwood will be over.  Summer is rushing headlong at us. Remember the Champion Spring Fling.  There will be family, friends, neighbors, good food and music.  Get ready for some fun.

Ticks and other varmints are already out in force and hummingbird scouts are showing up regularly at local feeders.  The delicate pinks and greens of spring are replacing the gray brush and country homes will soon disappear behind dense foliage.  Enjoy every trip you take this time of the year, even if it is just to the mail box.  Observe carefully.  Come down to the end of the pavement where country roads meet on the banks of Auld Fox Creek.   You will see that a couple of baby squirrels and their mother are now occupying the Behemoth Bee Tree over on the South Side of the Square. It is just like Sam Cook said, “It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come…” in Champion-Looking on the Bright Side!