Sweden Church

Six days of revival includes lots of singing, lots of Bible passages, and lots of messages.  And they were delivered by God’s great speakers that grace us with their presence.  Have you ever noticed how a preacher’s presence when he’s speaking fills up the whole sanctuary?  The Holy Spirit just fills them up and the once silent air becomes a conduit for God’s words to those who seek Him.

Day one was Pastor Randy Dalton.  The message was from Revelation 21:7,8. Highlights: Who are the wicked? The morally wrong.  How did we get here?  The church has been silent and complacent.  It’s lack of judgment that’s sending us down the drain.  Doing it your way will send you to hell.  Doing it God’s way won’t.  The sin problem is in man’s heart not his head.  How do we get our name in the book of life?  Repent. (Matthew 4:17)

Day two was Pastor Doug Irwin.  The message was from Matthew 25:31-34. Highlights: What time is it? It is high time. (Romans 13:11) A separating day is coming.  Before then, we need to separate ourselves from sin.  Wake up, people are dying lost. Church, wake up. The time is almost over for the world. It’s time to talk to people. It’s time to quit listening to man. Evil communication corrupts good manners. It’s time to arise and fight the fight of faith.

Day three was Pastor Randy Dalton.  The message was from Matthew 19:16-22. Highlights: How much is eternity worth? The rich young man had no idea that this was his last chance for eternal life. After this, Jesus went on to Jerusalem. We need more John the Baptists and Pauls in todays’ society. Our culture punishes the innocent and rewards the guilty. Give up who you are and having your own way. Put Jesus first.

Day four was Pastor Doug Irwin.  The message was from I Corinthians 2:1-4.  Highlights:  The Church needs resolve.  No matter what, I’m going to serve the Lord.  Keep that which was committed to you (your witness). Use persuasion to influence, draw and convince the unrepentant. Compel them to come to know the Lord. Where they spend eternity depends on it.  Like the old song, “Whatever It Takes I’ve Got To Make It.”  This nation has forgotten God. Go after that which is lost.

Day five was Pastor Eddie Singleton.  The message was from John 17:1-26. Highlights: Sometimes you can sit for so long and then you just have to get up and do something else.  Let the church be the church.  When we put Jesus first in our churches, the truth is there.  Mentor the young people in the church.  Teach them.  The Word is deep, but also shallow enough for a child to understand it.  In John 17: 1-5 Jesus prayed for himself; 6-19 he prayed for his disciples; and, in 20-26 he prayed for us. Joy is fulfilled by walking with Jesus day by day.

Day six was Pastor Eddie Singleton.  The message was from Luke 15:11-23.  Highlights:  How many times have you messed up?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some do-overs?  Christianity is a thinking-man’s religion.  You have to come to yourself to be saved.  What is sin?  Sin is rebellion against God and his teachings. We’re all prodigals. We’ve all been in the pig pen.  God eagerly watches you.  He knows where you are today.  God watches you and still loves you.  God pursues each one of us.  God runs to meet the sinner.

You can still visit us at our website swedenchurch.com.  Pastor Joshua Strong can also be heard on our radio program which is on KKOZ 92.1 FM at 8:05 a.m. Sunday mornings.  Better yet, come and hear Brother Josh live.  We also have a Thursday evening Bible study at 7 p.m. except for the second Thursday which is our business meeting.  Sweden Church is east of Ava about 10 miles on Highway 14 and then left onto 14-219 a quarter-mile.  Services are at 11 am. and 6 p.m. Sundays.