Rock Chapel

Upcoming Events: April 1-2 at 4 p.m.-Saturday Youth Easter Party.  April 7- Pregnancy Resource Center fundraiser (see Carrie).  April 2- Board Meeting. April 12- Foot Washing Services. April 16- Easter/Communion Services.  April 30- Graduation Party for Lorissa Ellis.

Recent prayer requests: Buck Coffman, Virginia Housley, Sharon Marler, Joy Mills and Victor, Bernice Helsley, Hannah and Ronnie Prock, Melissa Vonallmon, Helen’s niece-Brittney, unspoken.

Birthdays: Shelby Housley, Max Guilliams, Helen Batten, and Dayson Brazeal.

Anniversary:  John and Reba McCune.

Trent Jones read announcements- thank you card from Marlers and thank you roller skate cut outs from the students at the Wright Co. Children’s Home for inviting them to the skating/pizza party last week.  Bro. Rick said it was great fun and a big success.  We had some new faces in the choir.  Children’s church-Sandy Housley and Helen Batten.  Bro. Rick’s sermon: 1st John 2: 15-17.  Love is not of the world and the things in it.  Bro. Rick preached on things that come from God and not of the world:  (1) compassion- he told the story of the Good Samaritan.  (2) mercy- he told about how one man was released from prison and received mercy while Jesus had to die on the cross.  (3) righteousness of God- Bro. Rick explained that during war times if you are a deserter, you will be shot.  That is considered the right thing to do in war times.  The bad list will go on and on in this world, but the good things go on and on from Jesus; so keep your eyes on Jesus, these things last forever.

Questions:  Bro. Rick Batten-683-5657 or 250-0918.

Visitors are always welcome!