Quad Cities

3-15-17. Hello there! Tomorrow is the big day, I’ll be 39 again. Ha ha! I guess I can pretend. I remember when some women used to reach 39 and then would say the same thing every year. Oh well, whatever makes you feel better.

Last Saturday before last, daughter and granddaughter were going to take me into the Quad Cities to shop, lunch, and go to the women’s health fair in Davenport, but Lisa or I didn’t either one feel like going. I hope we get a rain check for that.

Last Sunday Walt’s daughter, Berta, and Denny met us at the family restaurant in Tipton for breakfast and we had a nice visit with them as usual. We got a big snowstorm after that and it snowed all day on Monday with a lot of wind. Now it’s cold. It was suppose to get down to one degree last night. Thank goodness the sun is shining bright, so that’s about all I know this time, so I will say, I trust you Jesus, take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.