Norwood Gleanings

Howdy! I want to congratulate all our couples on their anniversaries. On March 23, forty-seven years ago, Danny and Myra Douglas were wed. Stacy and LeAnn Rogers will celebrate on the 25th. Roman and Jennifer Atchison will have theirs on the 26th, Chris and Mark Upshaw on the 29th, and Jason and Amber Williams on the 30th.

Pauline Bradshaw’s Alzheimers has gotten worse, so she moved to assisted living in Mountain Grove. Rita Walker and Laural Hall, her daughters, thought that would be best because they worried about her so much.

The girls coach, Mr. Reed is leaving to follow his desire to sell real estate. How your desires change as a person ages, but the board hired my neighbor, Lori (Sinnings) Drake. She is teaching now in Hartville, but is coming home. We welcome you back.

Wilma (Bennett) Gray had a stroke and is in the hospital. They don’t think she is going to have any side effects.

Our election is coming up on the 4th and there will be a tax bill on your ballot. I know we don’t like to have our taxes raised, but this has to pass because our courthouse is in the red. It will be fifty cents on the $100.

The girls ball team played in the Conway tournament and took first place. Congratulations.

Thought: If I dread doing something, I say: “If I want to, I won’t have to.”

Until next week, God bless our little town.