Mt. Tabor Church

Our church service began with our usual pledges, singing and superintendent taking many, many prayer requests. We were glad to have Thomas back with us, the young ones sure brighten up our service. Our sympathy to the Bob Lawson family, and all the bereaved families.

Brother Kenneth is continuing on with his series from Psalm 23, this week using the 4th verse. He focused on thy rod and thy staff comfort me. He pointed out,  as a shepherd, sometimes the staff was comfort and sometimes punishment. Job was used as a great part of his examples.

Belated happy birthday to Naida Haden, who celebrated on March 23.

Lucille DeBerry spent Friday and Saturday  with Harold and Kay Hutchison. While here Lucille and Kay visited Ruth Shumate, Betty Jenkins and Lenore Burton. The ladies had a wonderful time talking about school days at Mt. Tabor and friends they had in common.

Jimmy Harl Matney visited Jewell Elliott, recently. James Elliott came by to visit with him, also. Kay Hutchison visited Jewell, Tuesday evening, on a borrowing mission.

Harlin, Shirley and Amy Hutchison stopped by Harold and Kay’s, Sunday evening.

Dan and Kim Clements stopped by a short time, Monday evening.