Mt. Tabor Church

Another great day to worship, Sunday, as we began with our pledges, singing, devotion and prayers. We have so many with ongoing needs, those bereaved and our church families. We were blessed to have visitors in our morning service and have Sister Lenore Burton sing for us, hope they can come again soon. We always appreciate visitors.

Brother Kenneth read the 23rd Psalm, and continued with his series, this week using verse 3. The key word was restoreth, and he used several other scriptures, containing that word, meaning refresh, or replenish. This was a very interesting lesson. He plans to continue through the rest of the chapter.

We sang Happy Birthday for Brother Kenneth, celebrating on Sunday.

Nora Elliott has been very sick this past week or so. She spent one day with G-ma Jewell, hope this little one is soon better.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown were in West Plains, recently, and attended the 70th wedding anniversary celebration for Carrol and Dorothy Johnson, Kristy Lansdown’s great grandparents. A large crowd was in attendance at a church in Peace Valley. Ronnie and Pat visited later with Doug and Kristy and family.

Pat visits by phone with brother, Paul Cox, often. She also is continuing with dental work.

James Elliott visited at different times with Jewell Elliott.

Gary and Stephanie Mishler, baby Joey, and Kristy Tackett, spent the weekend with Harold and Kay Hutchison.

Jayne Clark Nash came by the Hutchisons Sunday morning, to visit and see baby Joey.

Dan and Kim Clements and Morgan visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Tuesday afternoon, helping Harold with a tractor repair.