Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Greetings from our wonderful home on the hill.  Spring is here and we are so excited for the weather to warm up and us head outside to start planting!  What all are you planting this year?

We have been very busy getting things in order for our 11th Annual Buddy Bass Tournament this Saturday.

Monday we had our Bible study with Bro. Jeff Smith.  That afternoon we celebrated with our monthly birthday party.  Ten of us have birthdays this month and so does many of our staff.  March is a good month for birthdays.  Gunner joined us after school, he is such a joy!

Tuesday we started our day with morning exercise then we helped decorate the halls and activity room with our homemade  St. Patty’s decorations.  Then Evelyn Harper came in and called Bingo for us while handing out candy.  Always a joy.

Wednesday we had our cooking club, we made leprechaun bait.  We made it out of lucky charms cereal, marshmallows, mint chocolates, and almond bark.  That was one delicious treat.

Thursday we had a day of trivia and Did You Know facts about Ireland and the history of Saint Patrick’s Day.  Lots of interesting stuff filled our minds and Kaila is quick when it comes to using her google app.  Our Saint Patrick’s Day party was a sure hit.  All the halls were decorated and all the staff came in wearing crazy outfits.  We even had an Irish pub man among the mix.  All of us dressed up for the occasion as well.  We appreciate Sherry Wallace, Tammy Hindricks, Sara Johnson and her daughter, and Kelly Green for coming into our home and judging the halls and costumes.  East hall won the decorating, they were the roller derby crew.  We all spent the day playing games, laughing, telling jokes, the list goes on and on.

We would like to welcome Leonard Kenning, Velma Spring, Annabel Adams, and Lloyd Brown into our home.

Lets congratulate David Bristow and Gary Hicks on their return home!  We were glad to have you two!

Our deepest sympathy goes towards the family and friends of Marcella Moss.

From our home to yours, may you have a wonderful week and hopefully we will see you at the marina this Saturday.  With love from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, Mo.