Gentry Church News

After opening our service with prayer and singing, we studied in Sunday school class that no matter how far away we have strayed God is still gracious and merciful and willing to help us if we repent.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Haylie Young and special song by Wanda Casady, Rod and Joanne Welker.

The rain didn’t stop some of the workers who came out Saturday with their buckets, ladders, brooms, etc. for our Gentry Church workday. They were Pastor Comer, Rod, Joanne and Joie Welker, Wanda Casady, Gina Martin, Sharon Lee, Glenda and Charlie Miller, Charlotte Reich, Doug and Sheila Miller.

Our sympathy goes out to the Bob Lawson family.

Please remember in your prayers Beverly Tetrick, who is recuperating now at home, Vickie Miller is home after surger, Charlie Miller’s brother, Larry Joe, who was badly hurt in a haying accident, Virginia Deo, Joan Burkdoll and the other prayer requests.

Wes and Brenda Hampel had their family from Michigan visiting with them and it was nice having them in church with us. Also it was good seeing Janice Young and her niece, Lisa, back to church.

Pastor Comer’s morning message was from John, chapter 19. The sins of the world was on Jesus at the cross. He suffered and died for us, make your heart right with God.

In our evening service, our special song was by Lena Hutchison and Pastor Bill Comer.

Pastor Comer’s message was from Acts 2. In the day of Pentecost they were all fully in one accord. Stand steadfastly in the doctrine of the Bible and fellowship with others. God wants to use us.