Gentry Church

After prayer and singing, we studied in Sunday School class, God chooses to love us despite our unworthiness.  We need to be willing to extend God’s love to others aground us.

Happy birthday wishes goes out to Sharon Lee and special song was by the choir and a reading by Brenda Hampel.

Our third Friday night singing will be March 17th, 7:00 pm with snacks afterward.

Gentry Church welcomes a new pastor, Bill Comer and wife Barbara.  We are happy to have them, may God bless them.

Pastor Comers morning message was from Matthew Chapter 27.  Our Lord Jesus suffered for us, he was beat, spit upon, mocked and crown of thorns placed on his head.  He endured all of this becaue of his love for us.  What a great price that was paid to save us.

In our evening service, our special song was by quartet of Narvil Tetrick, Wanda Casady, Wendell Deo and Joie Welker.

Pastor Comer’s evening message was from Psalms Chapter 107.  They cried unto the Lord in their throuble and he delivered them out of their distress.  He can do the same for us.  Jesus can calm the storms in our life.