Breedon News

We began service with an opening song. Evelyn Harper gave the opening prayer. Joe Lafferty read the 43rd Psalms to open Sunday school. Our Sunday school lesson is still in I Samuel, chapters 18-20 with lots of history and not much to discuss. We had questions and answers and have more for next week. Lee Hampton took up the morning offering. David Williams led the offering prayer. We didn’t have any special singing. Lots of us still have sinus colds. The congregation sang a couple of songs. Joe preached at the 11 o’clock hour and prayed after the reading in the 23rd chapter of Matthew. We sang the invitational song. Bro. Ronnie Thomas dismissed the service.

The evening service started at 6:00. We just started services on Sunday night. We dismissed in the winter, even though, we didn’t have a bad winter, but you never know what the weather will be.

Joe Lafferty’s message was found in the 13th chapter of Mark, telling us about the coming of the Lord. We need to be ready when He comes. We had a short testimony service. We were dismissed by Ronnie Thomas.

Until next week, God bless.