Breedon News

Well, daylight savings time, most of our congregration was on time, but I’ve got a little feeling that some forgot to set their clocks. Ha

We sang a song and opening prayer was by Wilma Hampton.

Joe read the 43rd Psalm for opening prayer Sunday.

Our lesson is still in 1st Samuel.  We had questions and answers.  We really get to review the Bible which is always good.

Offering was taken up by Darryl Hampton.  Lee Hampton led the offering prayer.  The young people had their penny march.  We had some that are still fighting colds and sinus trouble.

The congregation sang a few songs, then Sue and Ronnie Thomas and granddaughter sang.

Joe Lafferty preached the 11:00 sermon on Matthew the 28th Chapter on the resurrection and prayed after the reading.

Invitation song was sang and closing prayer was by Bill Harper.

We started the evening services at 6:00.  We had a good crowd.

Joe preached in Psalms 12, 13, 14 after we sang a few songs.

Then we had a short testimony service.  It’s always good to tell what the Lord does for you.  We hope our attendance on Sunday night will increase after everybody gets used to coming.

Ronnie Thomas dismissed us in prayer.

Until next week, God bless.