Bethany Baptist Church

The Nubbin Ridge Homemakers, Norma Stillings, Pat Banks, Erin Boergert, Geraldine Gray, Garnet Dolan, and guests, Debra Bohnstedt, and Linda Rabe, met in the home of Missy Shay last Thursday afternoon. This was the meeting where they “Show and Tell” about craft projects that they done or have received. There were several quilts, embroidery, photography, and other sewing projects. Missy had also written and illustrated some poems about the joy of sewing.

Missy had about a dozen sewing machines set out and told about the history of each one. There were treadle machines, hand crank machines, as well as electric machines on display. Missy demonstrated the use of the hand powered and treadle machines and had “mug rug” kits ready so that each participant could try their hand with the vintage machines. Missy served some delicious snacks that she had created. Everybody said that it was a most interesting meeting, and fun.

Brian Heath of the Rock of Ages Prisons Ministries presented a program called “Character Under Construction” at Bethany Baptist Church, Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Brian was still with us for Sunday school at the 11:00 and 1:00 o’clock church services Sunday.

Darlene Sorensen sang a special song, Sunday morning. Brian sang a song and accompanied himself at the piano in the early afternoon service.

One of Brian Heath’s messages was from Mark 6:45-52, about Jesus walking on the water. God always has a purpose for everything he does, but why walk on water? Going back to the first part of Mark 6 we see that Jesus had sent the twelve disciples out into the villages and given them power to do miracles. When they came back they were excited about what “they” had done. Then he fed 5000 men with five loaves and two fishes. Jesus broke the bread and they served it to the people. In all this they did not seem to realize that Jesus was doing the miracles and they were just instruments.

Jesus told them to get into the boats and go to the other side of the sea. But a storm came up and they were toiling hard and not getting there, showing them that even with things they were “good at” they couldn’t do in their own strength. They knew that even the most skilled fishermen sometimes drowned in such storms. Then Jesus came walking on the water. When he was received into the boat the storm ceased and they were presently at land. There was no way that they forget what the Lord had done.  It is well for us to remember to let Jesus work through us and not take the credit for what he does.