I was blessed to have my granddaughter, Dana Taylor, stay with me last night. She also helped me with chores around the house. My son, Marlon, was here with me Monday night and also helped me with a few chores.

My daughter, Karen Davis, from Udall stayed with me Saturday night.

The redbirds have scared off my little birds.

I miss the wood heat from my Ashley wood heater, but it is less trouble having to handle the wood. I am having trouble with the propane heat leaving a film on my window panes. It creates a problem.

I had a good letter from my friend, Ginger Peters, in New Jersey. She was a former resident of Tecumseh, and she misses her friends here. Her son, Allen, put up my Martin birdhouse, which I have enjoyed. I am looking forward to the Martins arriving this spring.

Happy birthday to my grandson, Allen Luebbert, of Salina, Kansas. His dad visited with me a short time when he was here a week ago.

More news next week. Call me with yours, 679-4148.