Sunday morning service was opened with instrumental hymns then followed by congregational singing of hymns.

I read a poem about what we do between the date of our birth and the date of our death, called The Dash.

Trae and Kendra Shelton brought a short scripture then Kendra led us in a praise song.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Acts 4:26-29, “Becoming a Praying Church.”

Our weekly scripture challenge for this week is Leviticus 6-12.

Prayers continue to be sent up for several sick with one thing or another. I am, thankfully doing much better after having the shingles. I thank everyone who prayed for me because I know that prayer works.

On Sunday afternoon, Delmar and I went to Mansfield and visited with Keith and Donna Bannister and Caidence and Conner Johnson. They were having a good time riding in the train they got for Christmas.

I have been visiting my sister-in-law, Dorothy Burton and several others at the nursing home.

It seems that it brightens their days somewhat to see people they know besides just the staff.

We surely are enjoying this beautiful warm weather and just hope we don’t get a cold shock later.

Until next time, just remember we can pray, believe and receive or pray, doubt and do without.