Red Bank Church

Hello everyone.  “It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood,” which was something that the famous T.V. personality, Mr. Rogers, was likely to say.  Really, I was hoping that we would get some of the rain that was in the weather forecast, but that didn’t happen.  I don’t know about you, but we have begun praying for rain.

The Red Bank Church service began with a hymn, led by Gary Lirley.   He also welcomed everyone present for Sunday school.  I am sure everyone has been informed by now that Jerry Huff, our Sunday School Superintendent, passed away after suffering a massive stroke a few weeks ago.  Jerry always loved greeting everyone on Sunday morning.  He also enjoyed teaching Sunday school.  He will be greatly missed.   A highlight of his funeral was listening to some of his extended family sing, beautifully, three of his favorite songs.  His nephew, a new minister, gave a wonderful eulogy.  Jeane, his wife, now widow, appreciates everyone for their kindness during these trying times.  I know she is going to need our prayers.

Leading the worship service hymns was Gary Lirley.  Brother Randy announced that Wednesday, February 8, will be our monthly business meeting.  Next Sunday evening will be our monthly praise night service.  It will begin at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is to bring a song, a reading or a testimony, and a dish of their favorite food to share at a food fellowship after the service.  Everyone is invited to come and join us during this wonderful time of praising the Lord.  Special music was presented by Eloise Hallmark.

The text for the morning sermon was taken from Ephesians 2: 11-22.   The Apostle Paul in these scriptures reminds these new Gentile, Christians that they, in the past, were thought of as aliens from the common wealth of Israel , and strangers from the covenants of promise having no hope and without God in the world are now made nigh by the blood of Christ. Likewise, no one should feel left out and strangers to God, but through accepting the shed blood of His Son, Jesus who, through love, took the punishment of sin in our place, and made it possible that no one will feel like a foreigner in heaven, but will be a member of God’s very own family and a citizen of God’s country. Brother Randy said, “When we say that we are going to church, we may think of the church as a beautiful building that contains memorialized pews, stained glass windows and other beautiful furniture. But, actually, the real church is not the building, but the people inside who have accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord and who love to meet together to praise God and have Christian fellowship with one another, as families should.    God’s Spirit is not enclosed in a building, but only in ourselves.  When we invite Him to live within our hearts and lives, He is ours forever and is within us where ever we are and through all circumstances.  We, as Christians, need to rejoice in who we are.  We are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. We are bought and paid for by the shed blood of Christ.”

Visiting with Maxine Lirley was Jeane Huff and Gary and Alice Lirley.   Maxine was doing pretty well, but said that she was saddened that there had been a death in the family, referring to her son-in-law, Jerry Huff.  However, knowing that Jerry was in great suffering of pain, she was willing to let him go where he would no longer suffer pain and agony.

Our daughter, Mitzi and her husband, Mark Fawcett traveled from Greenville, Texas to attend Jerry’s funeral.   They had to return the following day.  During their visit here, they were guests in the home of her cousin, Danny Hampton and his family, where they enjoyed visiting and eating a meal with them and several other cousins that were also visiting in the home.

That’s all the news for now.  Take care.  God loves you and He loves me.  He wants us to be in His family.