Quad Cities

2-2-17. Happy Ground Hog’s Day! I sure hope the weather gets better. It’s not fit to go anywhere or do anything right now. It was 17 degrees this morning, but don’t know what the wind chill is. We’ve got snow and ice in the forecast again. I told Walt if he goes out on the ice again and falls, and it doesn’t knock him out, I will when he comes back in. Ha! I don’t think he will do that again. I know we’re getting cabin fever from staying in so much and the dark cloudy days. The sun is trying to shine some today, but I don’t know how long it will last.

So many deaths lately. We want to send sympathy to all the families who have lost loved ones. Anita told me a sister-in-law, Evelyn Twitty, passed away a few days ago. I got a letter from my cousin, Edna, a few days ago and her husband, Bill, lost two of his sisters just ten days apart. Now him and his brother, Aaron, are the only two left in that family. So sad when that happens. Of course, my brother, Claud, and me are the only two left in our family. We come from a smaller family though, two boys and two girls. Claud’s wife, Marlene, seems like a sister to me. Kay Applegate has always been like a sister even though we haven’t seen each other for over 50 years. I still haven’t got a picture from her and she said she doesn’t write letters anymore and doesn’t text. Cousin, Edna, and I have been like sisters since we were old enough to talk and write letters. We’re all getting older and have health problems. Edna said she and Bill both have really bad colds, so I’m hoping they’re both feeling better by now. Walt and Dee have a cousin in the obits in the Herald and also one of their cousins’ wife, Nadine (Hodges) Heatherly. So lots of sympathy to both their families. Dee (Allison) had just seen Nadine the same day she died. She lived in Colona, Illinois. Anita and I also send our deepest sympathy to Evelyn’s two children, D.J. and Becky and their families. I see a lot of my former classmates in the obits too. A lot of famous people dying too.

I get three newspaper a week and so much of the time I see someone I know in one of them. I get Tipton, Ava and Davenport.

Well, I guess that’s what happens when you start getting older. Your friends and family are getting older too. I remember one time my mom said it didn’t seem possible that she and her brothers were as old as they are. Of course they’re all gone now. She had three brothers and no sisters. God rest and bless them all.

Because Kay (Day) Applegate doesn’t write or text, I need to call her and see how she is. Last time I talked to her she said her eyes water so bad she can’t hardly read. She said they were getting a snow storm and talked like she was going outside to do something. I hope she didn’t as she has a balance problem and falls quite often. If you read this Kay, we’re thinking about you. Also Norma (Cook) Pierce, we think about you often and hope you’re okay. Maybe we can have a reunion at the park again. I can’t remember if I ever sent you any pictures from the last time or not. Maybe I’ll send you some just in case I didn’t. We used to be classmates in Ava, MO. Somebody else we’ve been thinking about it, Walt’s cousin, Lois, and her husband, Dwayne Cunningham. We talked to them in the Moline Wal-Mart one time and then they came to the church for Walt’s baptism. That’s the last we saw of them. So we really hope they’re both okay and we’d like to see them again and hear some more of what Dwayne was telling us about Springfield, Mo. and the battlefield.

I’ll be glad when Spring gets here and maybe we can get out and visit with some folks.

So until next time, I will say, I trust you Jesus and bye, bye for now.