Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from us all on the hill. This spring weather has been long missed, its almost time to start our yearly gardens! All this beautiful weather has many of us getting anxious to go outside and soak in the sun and listen to nature. Saturday we enjoyed our morning with Norma Stillings and Lola Mayberry for piano time and church. We appreciate these ladies! Afterwards we enjoyed the beautiful day. Sunday we started our morning with Larry Moore, then that afternoon Sandy Church came in and joined us. What a great day. Monday we had Bible study with Jeff Smith, then that afternoon we celebrated our monthly birthday party. There are several of us who were born this month. The VFW Ladies Auxilliary Girl Scouts joined us as well during the day. Tuesday was the big day, Valentines Day! We spent the morning getting the tables decorated for our Valentine lunch, then we got ourselves ready to eat with our loved ones. We had quite the crowd. The staff came in dressed in reds, pinks, kisses, and hugs. We even had a few cupids that showed up! We even got visited by “Grandma Love,” Connie is an excellent sport. Everyone looked amazing. After our big lunch success we ended the exciting day with a round of Bingo with Evelyn, our oh so sweet candy lady. Then we relaxed while Kaila painted our nails. Wednesday we welcomed the Ava Junior High Honor Society. Kids of all ages make us so happy, we love you all. It’s so wonderful that all of these kids want to come and spend time with us, it just fills our hearts with pure joy and makes us feel young again. Keep it up! Thursday the Cooking Club made Shredded BBQ Pork Nachos. Kaila was melting cheese while she had us busy dicing up tomatoes, onions, garlic, shredding pork, the list goes on. After we got done taste testing, we went back for more. Many of us got so stuffed that we didn’t need to eat lunch! Afterwards we lazily played Bingo as many of us were still stuffed from eating so many nachos. Friday we were geared up after a good nights sleep, or as the phrase goes, after having a food coma ha!, Edgar and Sharon joined us with the 1st Sonshine Group. Always always a joy to have them with us. As it is always a great joy to have all the volunteers that enter our home. You all help keep us young, don’t stop!

We would like to welcome Robert Tucker into our home, welcome our new friend!

As a reminder our 11th annual Buddy Bass Tournament is right around the corner! Don’t forget to enter, we launch at 7 a.m. on March 25, 2017 at the Theodosia Marina!

From our home to yours, may you all continue to enjoy this spring like weather as much as we do!

God bless all and warmest wishes, from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, Mo.