Dogwood Ramblings

It seems no matter which TV channel you turn to, you are lambasted with diets and with weight loss equipment. Few of us can afford the equipment and even fewer will stay with the programs suggested. We also know which foods are not good for us, no matter how they taste, no matter their sugar or fat content. I suggest we all use our common sense, either give up on those tasty treats or cut down the amount. It doesn’t take long for the stomach to shrink and the desire to gorge ourselves slowly goes away. Also, getting out and walking is probably one of the best exercises for us. Try a distance for a while, then increase that distance, and don’t go home and reward yourself with a donut or cupcake.  Try the walking path near the swimming pool, and don’t forget to take your four footed pet along.  I’ve tried some of the side roads and many can be dangerous – also, ask a friend to go with you for protection, as well as, a cell phone.   You will be rewarded with weight loss and better health. Listen to your doctor and heed that advice.

I just learned a nephew by marriage passed away in Minnesota. Dear Dwaine Weber was quite a character and he sure did love biscuits with sausage gravy, which he got when visiting here.

Do you ever watch Investigation Discovery? Much crime is depicted and should be a warning to us. Of course, the one episode of murder in Douglas County was depicted badly as I recall, but they also did one episode on a California inmate of whom I was much aware when I worked at the prison. I worked 17 years with disturbed people and am much aware of what they can do and have done, including the “Manson Clan”. I do not recommend this for children, but teenagers could learn a lot of what is prowling around in our world and perhaps be a good warning for what to not get involved in.  Predators can be quite smooth and convincing, even teenagers.

In 1933 Adolph Hitler proclaimed the Third Reich and took power in Germany as chancellor. That year Japan and Germany announced their withdrawal from the League of Nations.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt made a speech, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  I would like to add “fear and legislators”.  Legislators have income for life, many of them after making life difficult for we citizens – that is wrong but, a good reason for them to run for office. Back in 1933 a new house cost $5,759.00 with average income at $l,555.00 per year, a new car was $550.00 and gasoline at .10 cents per gallon.