“I am poor and needy, make haste unto me. O God thou art my help and my deliverer. O Lord make no tarrying,” Psalms 70:5.

I am thankful for the gift from the Douglas County Herald.

Ted and Linda Bischoff spent Christmas afternoon with their daughter, Yvetta, and her husband.

Eddie and Linda Sears guests Christmas weekend were their son, Terry, and wife, Marla and Marla’s daughter, Zaylee.

Friday, I went to Theodosia area and visited with Uncle Rayford Clayton and Madeline Brown then onto Virginia Porter’s. Last stop I visited with Kenerd, Norma, Belinda, Brent and Kaylin Lawrence. Madeline still have more chemotherapy to do.

Have a great year. Some people are praying they won’t get the flu, while others already have it. In other words, this is the season of prayer and medication.