Bethany Baptist Church

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen drove to St. Louis, Friday, for a short visit with her parents, Don and Doris Taschner, and to pick up their daughter, Sally Sorensen. They brought Sally back home to Ava to stay until it is time for her to return to school for her senior year at Pensacola Christian College. Sally had a new engagement ring. We will be hearing more about that as the year goes along.

Paul Pritcherd was our guest speaker in the absence of our pastor. His wife sang, with one verse in Portuguese. Both she and Paul grew up in Brazil, both children of missionaries, so Portuguese is natural for her.

Paul’s message was to ask ourselves, “Have I done all I could?” When Mary of Bethany had broken the alabaster box of ointment of spikenard and poured it out on the head of Jesus, some of those standing nearby were indignant. That box of ointment could have been sold for 300 pence and been given to the poor. 300 pence was about a year’s wages for common labor. Jesus spoke up. They should “Let her alone.” She had done a good work on him. She had anointed him for the burial. “She had done what she could.”

We see Mary’s unrestrained devotion to the Lord. We see Judas Iscariot who made the objection and he did not really care about the poor. It was the money Judas cared about. He carried the purse and he was a thief. And the disciples who murmured were murmuring against the wrong person. What might look like waste to them could look like worship to the Lord. Some people will say that it is a waste of time and money to serve the Lord with Mary’s kind of devotion. But we should ask ourselves: “Have we done what we could?”

Pastor and Darlene were safely back home for the evening service and had Sally with them. Aaron, Kayla, and Alayna Koop sang a special song, Sunday evening. Although Alayna is quite young she can hold her own in three-part harmony.

Scott and Kris Poling, missionaries to Germany, will be with us this Sunday, January 8. There will be lunch at noon in the fellowship hall and an afternoon service at 1:00 p.m. There will be no evening service.