Red Bud News

A good morning to all our friends, neighbors and our readers.  We hope everyone had a blessed and safe Christmas weekend and is ready for a great New Year that is almost here.  We want to send get well wishes to all the sick, the ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes.  We send greetings to all who has a birthday at this time.  We hope you have a great day with many more to come is our wish for you.

This news from the desk of Lois Graham. Lois had Christmas dinner on Saturday at Ozark with great niece all our family was there, “not many left.”  We had a good meal and visiting each other the children enjoyed opening their presents.  On Sunday Lois went to Church with Norma Jones.  I enjoyed the song called the “Stone Song” that Norma sang.  I enjoyed the whole service as well.  Now to the advertures of Norma.  On Saturday the girls “Amy, June and Naomi” came to town and spent the afternoon with Norma as they both had to work on Christmas day.  We had a good visit and spent time talking about things in the past that was done.  Sure brought back memories of days gone by.  Sunday was church morning only as families had time to get-to-together in the afternoon and night.  Monday Jerry Lee came and we went to his place for a visit with his family for Christmas.  They brought me back to town after dark.  Sure had a good time playing games with the children that were there.  I’m sure there were other family meetings that took place but haven’t heard of them as of now.  So will sign off with this.  Stay happy, healthy and safe.

Jesus loves you, have a Happy New Year.