Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and mums are some of my favorite flowers. There are many signs of fall now, and the leaves are thick in my yard. Soon there will be a lot of leaf raking going on!

I find it’s hard for me to get all my clocks turned back instead of forward. Is everyone getting adjusted to the time change?

Our church had an extra-good dinner  Sunday and supplied food for a large group of people. Veterans were also honored.

Happy Anniversary to Jesse and Bonnie Taylor in West Plains. They are my granddaughter’s in-laws.

Jerry Miller has hunters visiting her now, three nephews from Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

I appreciate my daughter Karen, who made the best vegetable relish this fall.

Karen and Dave were shopping in West Plains Sunday.

Congratulations to my grandson, Marty Pitcock, in Salina, Kansas. He was 57 years old on Nov. 5.

I find it irritating that the news media sometimes can’t use their words correctly. On TV they used snuck instead of sneaked, and snuck is not a word in the English language. Maybe it comes from having family in schools, but when I hear the news media use the word snuck it doesn’t sound good to me.

Pumpkins have really been popular this year. More than I remember before.

The birds are hovering near the thicker trees, finding a place to get out of the falling temperatures.