There are more signs of fall each day, and I’m not seeing as many squirrels so they must be busy getting their nests ready for winter. There weren’t as many nuts and acorns on my trees this time due to a dry season.

Jerry Miller has bow hunters from the Gulf Coast and three from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, staying with her. Last week she had her son Larry, and he has stayed over for gun season.

The time is almost here to set our clocks back an hour before we go to bed Saturday night.

Our church saves boxes and collects donations to help the Ozark County Food Pantry. More help and donations are appreciated.

Pictures of our veterans are being received now to be placed on display in observance of Veterans Day at our church in November.

Our church directories are finally ready for distribution. We appreciate Wayman King’s efforts in preparing them.

October was Pastor Appreciation Month, and our pastor has been told that he is appreciated very much.

Our workers help at The Center on Nov. 3 and 4.

Kris Luebbert has been in Abilene, Kansas, visiting friends. She returned Monday.

Dan and Susan Taylor of Tecumseh had a visit from Phil Leonard of Corinth, Mississippi. He came down for the West Plains homecoming. Phil and Dan went to high school together. While he was here, they went to services at Dawt Church of Christ and then went floating on the river.

We hope to have more news next week. Please call me if you have news to share: 679-4148.