Dogwood Ramblings

This is a special time of the year to feel and express thanksgiving as expressed and scheduled by our forefathers and of course, year round by our Lord. Most crops are harvested and I do hope your garden was fruitful, especially with the blessings of rain we have had in 2016.

One of my dear sons (Rory by name) came by himself and cleaned the gutters, got rid of the leaves in the yard and driveway and mowed everything for me. He does this every autumn, but usually his brothers are here to help so this took many hours to complete.  I fed him some homemade cauliflower soup and then sent him the recipe as he requested.  He said it would be the perfect thermos food for the deer woods.  Rory wanted my place to be nice for the election and for company arriving from Texas, his brother, Ryan, and my BFF, Carole. We will celebrate Thanksgiving early while all the family is here and hopefully they will be able to harvest some venison.

We discussed the election and the lack of choices. By the time this edition of the Herald is printed I can only hope it is possible for me to remain hopeful for our nation.  Hopefully those voting here for our Lincoln and Spencer townships found themselves treated well and respected.  Nels Christensen helped get voting stuff set up.

I heard that one of our neighbors lost her little dogs to some large predatory dogs. Off and on we hear of dogs running wild in this area, not necessarily feral, but turned loose, and they have threatened people and chickens – now pets.  This would be a good time for one to be armed even though it is the owners who should be penalized, not the dogs acting naturally.

Here’s hoping I can have a smile on my face on Nov. 9 – not a grimace.