“The Lord maketh poor and maketh rich, He bringeth low and lifteth up,” I Samuel 2:7.

Praise the Lord we got rain a couple times this week.

Friday, I went to Theodosia and visited Virginia Porter, Vic and Jean Plante. Vic and Jean had two of their granchildren, Bradley and Emma Shockey. After that I went to Kenerd, Norma and Belinda Lawrence and had supper with them.

Over the weekend the guests at Ralph and Dana Brazeal’s home were Wyatt and Liviya Wharton, Zamber and Cole Little, Tiffanee Satterfield, Zoe Shull, AnnaBelle Johnson, Dara Strong and Brayden Lansdown.

Gary had to kill a copperhead snake that got in the garage the other night.

Have a great week. Remember, the day’s blessings and forget the day’s troubles.