The weather hasn’t been too uncomfortable this summer, but the season isn’t over yet. Vegetation has had a nice growing season so there has been a bountiful supply of vegetables. They are so much better than the fruits and veggies that are shipped in from long distances.

Lilly Ridge Church’s “Willing Workers” are preparing the new church directory, and it will be appreciated very much. Wayman and Carol King deserve a lot of credit.

A baptismal service was held Sunday when Alexus Owens and Rebecca Hallmark were baptized. Also a young man was baptized the Sunday before.

I enjoyed a birthday greeting from a good friend, Elda Edwards at Okie. She says she lives in the  middle of a 10-acre loop, and her neighbors are critters. She takes some wonderful pictures that I enjoy seeing, and she keeps busy in her garden and home area. She lives close to nature and all the outdoor enjoyment along with the work.

Another friend, Allene Herd of Miller, keeps in touch and encourages me each day. She has health problems, but manages to prepare food for lots of her neighbors. Her husband, Brent, grows the vegetables, and together they help a lot of people daily. We need more people like these friends of mine. Their world seems to be like an ocean – full, deep and wide.

E.W. and Ina Friend’s daughter Regina Kirk is back in Cox South Hospital. Our prayers are with her.

Best wishes to Skid Evans with his health problems and continued prayers for Matt Dixon.

Edith McKinnon is having some serious health problems, and so is Maxine Smith, who is in Mountain Home, Arkansas, in the hospital.

A former resident, Sylvia Carson, and her daughter, Theresa from Illinois, were down to see me Sunday afternoon. They visited others here too.

Friends of Bob Arnett are missing him since his death.

Jerry Miller said she doesn’t have any news this week, but she will be having company from Memphis, Tennessee, very soon.

The crepe myrtles are in full bloom and beautiful this year and are enjoyable to see.