Getting my weekly news items called into this week’s paper was somewhat delayed.

We need rain badly and hopefully will receive some today without storms.

Jerry Miller’s son Larry from Memphis, Tennessee, spent several days here and celebrated his birthday and his mom’s while he was here. He got several jobs taken care of around the place. Mark lives close by and helps her as needed.

Prayers are with Beulah Satterfield as she keeps busy with home care since Merle’s health isn’t up to par. They live near Sparta. Their son and daughter, Roger and Karen, help out as they can. Marsha Lyon and Loretta Davidson visited last week with them.

We think of former residents Don and Betty Decker and our good years together at Lilly Ridge Church. There was no one better to sing duets at our church for the many years when they were here.

Granddaughter Dana’s cows have had six calves during the past week.

Grass has grown really well this summer, making for good pasture.

Thanks to those who worked hard making the July 23 tea possible at the Ozark County Historium in Gainesville. It was enjoyed by a large crowd, and the luncheon was great. Thanks to cousin Janet Taber for inviting me and making it happen. My neighbor Jerry Miller took me along with her to enjoy the day.

It was good hearing from my friend at Miller, Alene Herd, on Monday. She had a fall lately, and it’s caused her problems. I’m praying for her to heal faster as she does so much for others.

Ernie Stone had a fall Sunday evening at his home in Countryside Mobile Park. Best wishes to him.

The good vegetables from my granddaughter’s husband Dan at Udall have been appreciated. Their tomatoes are big and delicious. Zuchini squash and cucumbers from him, as well as those Jerry Miller gave me, are good.

My daughter Karen K. Davis had her July 29 birthday last Friday. Her sister Kris had hers July 16, and their brother Marlin Pitcock celebrates Aug. 21. Kris bought Karen’s birthday cake, and we met at Udall last Saturday. Keith Davis was here from his work in Minnesota, and he promised to come visit me next time he is home with daughter Jaycee. She is now 12 years old and lives with her mother in Lebanon.

Mosselene Shaw called Monday. She had her 90th birthday on June 27 and lives in Springfield. She keeps in touch with Maxine Smith, who is a patient in Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home, Arkansas, at the present time but lives at Good Samaritan in Mountain Home.  Edith McKinnon is also having rehab at Hiram Shaddox in Mountain Home. Both are members of our Friendly Neighbors Club.

How many folks can remember such a good summer of green grass, shrubs and trees? In years past we had very limited rain all summer long, our water was furnished by wells, cisterns and springs went dry, and folks hauled water from the river to survive. We are blessed nowadays with deep wells and good springs but all that could change overnight.

I wonder when the word blog became a headline for articles. I was just wondering if it’s new to the English language.

The redbirds are bad to eat my sunflower seeds from my feeders.

My grandson Alan is working at Cookie’s in Theodosia.