Dogwood Ramblings

I   know you all will appreciate this definition. The best description of Obamacare so far:

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it.” A physician called into a radio show and said: “That’s the definition of a stool sample.”

We are now past our primary election, the results published, not everyone happy, but the voters have “spoken”.  I surely do hope my sense of humor does not desert me just because others may disagree with me.  Before the primary election one woman came up to me to expound on what she thinks should happen when we vote again in November. Totally disagreeing with her opinion I managed to bite my tongue and to remain friendly.  I won’t be around long enough to experience the results of November’s choices, but I do worry for my descendants.

I, for one, cannot understand how people can vote for those who will continue and expand the present health care bill which is devastating to so many.  Also I cannot understand how one can vote for a person who wants to release all those in Gitmo as most all of those people have been highly trained in terrorism, nor for bringing in more persons raised and taught to hate America and our democratic ways….and want to promote Sharia Law.  It is bad enough that our laws have been swept aside and so many are not being turned back at our borders while our tax dollars are being used to house, feed, educate and provide health care while they have baby after baby.  Our choices in November are not very good.  As my dear departed Willie used to say, “I’d rather vote for an old yeller dog!”

Saturday morning I heard on the news that Clinton intends to put higher taxes on those in the middle.  Good Heavens!  It is basically those already in the middle paying for everything.  So, once the “middle” is taxed even more, where are they supposed to get enough for subsistence?  The lower level is never going to pay for all these idiotic additions, monies being spent for those being foisted on us from other countries, on our military which has already been pillaged, our Social Security persons already living from month to month (hand to mouth) and medical expenses already decimating those with a few pennies.  And remember, our elder citizens paid into the SSA, not the immigrants, nor the life-long unemployed.  If you want to vote for Socialists, do so at your own risk (and ours!).  Just remember Socialism has ruined many a country.  Yes, I do get carried away at times!!!!

The Olympics have been inspirational so hope you’ve been able to see some of it.  In spite of so many Dogwood residents coming here to vote I still don’t have “tales” I can relate.  Elnora Christensen brought us judges some sandwiches from town and a few bakery items.  It was nice that Nels Christensen was able to participate as a judge.  Rex Boeddeker called us from Oregon on primary election day, asking we say hello to everyone and letting us know he misses us and the interesting day.