Greetings this July morning. I can think of no better way to invest money than when I insure my air conditioner to protect me from the elements, namely the hot sun.

It was good that VBS at Lilly Ridge was held before this hot weather arrived. It was reported to have been quite successful.

Belted Galloway cows here and at Brixey are having their calves. They belong to my granddaughter Dana.

Speaking of the Belted Galloway cows, the Shawn Taylor family had them several years ago. And they also had llamas, which were new to this area.

When you think you have heard everything, how about fried ice cream? It makes me wonder how wintertime snow ice cream would work. Not so good, I’m afraid.

Continued prayers are for all those with health problems, including my friend Alene Herd of Miller, who keeps in touch with me. She endures health problems, but she spends many hours of her days helping other people in need. Prayers are with her and her husband Brent Herd, now retired after his many years with his job. He’s now working with their cattle.

Matt Dixon called me this morning and said his son was here with them recently. Matt is handicapped, but he phoned me in response to a greeting card I had sent him.

Marsha Lyons and Loretta Davidson went to Beulah Satterfield’s near Sparta and spent Tuesday in Springfield together.

Kris Luebbert, Allen and Alexis spent Monday in Springfield with a former co-worker from Salina, Kansas, who came to visit them. They worked at North American Phillips Corporation several years ago.

The pesky squirrels are still getting into my bird feeders that daughter Kris keeps filled with sunflower seeds, and they waste a lot.

Dale and Joy Cutbirth visited in Miller with old friends, Brent and Alene Herd recently. It had been several years since they saw each other.

I received a nice present from Alene for my birthday. Since gardeners have zucchini growing now, there are several good recipes for cookies, breads and pies that include apples, which make a good mixture. Also, now is the time for fried green tomatoes. How many people like fried green tomatoes?

I appreciate my cousin Janet Taber for my day at the Historium, along with Jerry Miller, who took me there for the day. It was well attended, and we had a really good luncheon.

Anyone having any news, please call me at 679-4148.