Quad Cities

7-14-16. Hello again. We’re having decent weather, not quite as hot. We had a good day yesterday. We went into the Illinois Quad Cities to run errands and visit. I played the double (two-set) of Meryl Haggard’s 40 Number One Hits and one disc lasts all the way up there until we get in town and the other one last most of the way home, so it makes the ride more pleasant and I get to experience my vocals on the way up there and back. Ha. So we ran a few errands then went over to Frank Dee Allison’s house to see him and his grandson, Shannon White, his wife, Carol, and their son and two daughters. One little girl is named Ava after Ava, Missouri. I really like the name of that town and Ava Gardner was my favorite female actress. They live in China and only get to come back to the United States once every two years. So we were lucky to get to see them while they were there. They are a very nice and sweet family and we were really happy to see them and enjoyed the visit very much. The three little ones are so nice, sweet and lovable. Shannon and Carol both teach school in China. They just signed a new two year contract. Shannon is Frank’s daughter, Cheryl and Bill White’s son. Their other son from Kentucky has been in Illinois visiting too. They’re daughter and her family live in Waterloo, Iowa. They’re expecting their fourth baby. All boys so far, but I’m not sure about this one.

We were suppose to have some heavy storms that evening so we left Frank’s and came on home except stopping to get something to eat in Durant, Iowa. The clouds kept getting closer and closer and darker and darker and we just got home and inside and it got here. As far as I know, it just rained a lot here, but some damage other places not very far from here. Luckily we timed it just right.

We got some bad news a few days earlier. Walt and Frank’s niece, Rene, sent a text that her husband, Joe, had fell off a loading dock at work and broke bones in his neck, back and his chest bone. She is Frank (Dee) and Walt’s (Bob) brother, the late Dale Allison’s daughter. He was in the University Hospital in Iowa City. Of course he was/is in a terrible amount of pain. Since then they have moved him to Geneis West in Davenport, Iowa and I heard he’s there for rehab and said he can walk a little bit if he’s taking pain meds. I hope he will get-well enough to come home before too long. Rene has family and relatives in Ava, MO. and also Ozark, MO.

I had my new camera yesterday and took some pictures of Frank Dee and his grandkids. I haven’t printed them yet, but they look like they turned out good.

The bug man came and sprayed today. Once in a while we see a little baby spider, or maybe one or twice this summer a fly got in, but we got rid of them in a hurry. Walt is the fly killer/swatter. I think I’ve gotten rid of those pesky little gnats. We had missed the bug man last time so with him spraying today that probably finished off any that might be left and hiding somewhere. I put a little bowl of vinegar on the cabinet behind the sink and I think most of them got in there and drowned.

As usual, it’s time to get this in the mailbox. My personal mailman got rid of “Old Risky” and he’s taking a nap himself, so I guess I won’t wake him and I’ll take the ten or so steps out to the mailbox and mail it. I don’t think it’s even that many steps so I should make it okay.

So, I Trust You Jesus, take care of yourself and bye, bye for now.