Quad Cities

7-18-16. Dear folks: It’s a sad morning for everyone. I was thumbing through channels the way I usually do to see if any of the shows were on that I like to watch when I came across CNN and that horrible thing that was going on in Dallas. Just terrible. Nobody is safe anymore and it only gets worse.

July 4th we stayed in and watched fireworks on television at Macy’s and later on the ones in Cedar Rapids. Between the heat and mosquitoes it was much more comfortable at home. Walt was just taking our trash out to the dumpster and was getting bit by them.

On Tuesday my kids went down to a big lake in southern Iowa to ride their kayaks. I forgot to ask how long they would stay. I haven’t heard from them yet. I guess I will call tonight and find out if they’re back home yet.

We had showers and thunderstorms last night late. I don’t think they lasted long.

It looks like the weather will be good for the next several days except hot.

Walt’s granddaughter, Candi and Jarred, came by for a few minutes on Saturday. They brought some mail to Walt. They are really busy. They both still work for John Deere at night and the weekends they are Uber drivers.

Well, gee-whiz, I’m at a loss for any news. Oh yes, “VanCouver Kay” and I have been visiting some more by phone. I told her each one of us is the only ones who know all about the other ones lives when we were younger and she reminded me of when we would be walking home late after going to the midnight show which was always scary and when we had to part ways at a certain point and she said she would be running up the hill to her house and me to mine and she reminded me of how we would yell at each other until we got out of hearing range. I told her we wouldn’t survive that now-a-days and it’s a miracle we did then without being kidnapped and killed. What a scary thought and what made it even worse I had to walk past the cemetery. Or really I was running at my fastest speed. Well, it’s really nice to have someone  to talk to about that and other things.

Well, I guess this will be it for me for now. So as usual, “I trust you Jesus.” Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.