Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. It has been a hot one this week, but cooler weather is on its way. Just going to have to find a shade tree, big glass of cold ice water and wait it out.

Whenever I get into a bad situation, I always say this quote: “This too shall pass.” Isn’t that so right! Nothing lasts forever.

First thing on August 2, I, along with Rita Walker, Sheila Garrison and Phillip Durden will be sitting at the Countryside Nazarene Church from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. for you to vote. Please make time to come by and cast your vote. But do your homework. Some of them aren’t as honest as others. America needs its morals back!

Mr. Pendergrass and Ed Williams would have been proud of their funerals. Both were really good and did a good job on celebrating their lives and now they are visiting each other in heaven. I truly believe that. Ed Williams had nine children, 33 grandchildren and 75 great great grandchildren.

This is the last week of Camp Joy and even though it has been hot, Van Kelly and his workers are doing a great job keeping them in  water and cooled down at the creek.

I told my girls that they will be excited to go to Chapel because it’s the only place with AC.

Union Grove’s Bible School will be July 31 through August 4, every night at 6:15.

Rock Chapel had theirs last week and averaged 40 kids. That is great for a country church.

Julie (Gray) Posey was just a few miles from her home, down C Hwy., when she had a head-on collision with Jessie Klein. She had her two children with her. The kids were fine and she just had moderate injuries. Jessie was not hurt bad either. They all have a lot to be thankful for. That could have ended a lot different.

Stopped by last week on my way back from camp and visited Garnett and Loretta Kelly. I did not know that he had a stroke back in February, and has lost a lot of weight, but he is improving and doing good for his age. He turned 92 on the 23rd and Loretta is 89. Still living in their own home by themselves. That is a blessing.

If you have driven through Thomas Road lately, you have noticed just past the cemetery going south, there is two big pieces of land being broke on the old Schudy farm. They are putting in chicken houses.

The Awakening Church on Y Hwy. got graffiti last week. Shame on the person or persons that did it.

Thought: On cable TV they have a 24 hour weather channel. We had something like that where I grew up. It was called a window.

Until next week, God bless our little town.