Mt. Zion News

Students who were on the second quarter Honor Roll at Mt. Zion Bible School sent on a field trip to Wilson’s Creek Battlefied on Friday, Jan. 29. It was a nice sunny day. Adult sponsors were Pastor Bob (van driver), Linda and Norman Murray. The students enjoyed the interesting updated video, the cannons, and the weapons in the museum. After lunch at McDonalds, they returned to Mt. Zion by 3 p.m.  Students who participated are Kylie Adams, Jacob Bruffett, Bella Fleetwood, Joseph Fleedwood, Colin Fleming, Jackson Fleming, Cooper Murray, Chloe Scofield, Keeton Freeman and Calli Murray.

Wanda Greenwood, from Columbia, Mo., was a visitor in the Sunday morning worship service. Jesse Paxon was the song leadeer. Ushers were John Dale and Alex Fourman. Bob Thompson, Sr., sang a solo. Testimonies were given by Edith Johnson, Pete Johnson and John Dale. Pastor Bob Thompson, Jr., preached a servmon “Following God” from Ephesians 5:1-6. “Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love…but fornication and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you…neither filthiness, or foolish talking, nor jesting…this ye know that no whoremonger, or unclean person… hath any inheritance in the Kingdom of God.” What does it mean to follow God? 1). Walk in charity: the standard, the sacrifice, the Saviour. 2). Walk in cleanness: no excuse for extra-marital immorality, no exemption for evil impurities, no exception for excessive indulgence. 3). Walk in communication: not filthy speech, but mannerly, no foolish speaking, but meaningful, no foul sarcasm, but magnanimity. 4). Walk in cognizance: external or internal sin does not inherit heaven and every sin does inherit hell. May each one of us inspect our testimony and be sure that we are scripturally following God.

The 5th Sunday Singspiration began at 6 p.m. Jesse Paxton led some choruses. Pete Johnson led in prayer. Pastor Bob gave the announcements. Brian Haynes gave a reminder to focus on Jesus, the problem-solver. There were vocal solos by Dana Fourman, Pete Johnson, Bob Thompson, Sr., Jesse Paxton. There were three vocal duets: Brian and Donna Sue Haynes, Linda Ferguson and Barbara Uhles, Pastor Bob and Sister Cinda. Norman Murray played a baritone solo. Poems were read by Thelma Venezia, Edith Johnson and Linda Murray. Testimonies were given my Mary Thompson, John Dale and Dennis Uhles. The closing prayer was by Jim Hansen.

In the Wednesday evening service, Bob Thompson, Sr., gave the announcements and took prayer requests, (this was his 89th birthday). Norman Murray led in prayer. Cheryl Paxton gave news from Haiti, Dominican Republic, Uganda, the Voice of the Martyrs, and American Indian Missions. A closing corporate prayer was for the needs of world missions.