Dogwood Ramblings

Each week when I start this column there is always a mental cloud hovering, questioning if I will “go too far” in expressing my opinions/questions and truly upset someone. Of course, there is a place in the Herald where readers can have their say. It is called the Letters to the Editor and I always read those letters.

There are so many topics in the news, on the Internet, and in the gossip circles (rumors) that one doesn’t know what to believe any more. We are told that some foods are not good for us and then later on are told the reverse. We are told that this or that particular “faith” is not true, is a cult of Satan, but didn’t all religions more or less start out sort of as a cult, gathering believers? Many in this area speak badly of my faith, but that doesn’t change my belief. I am guided by my Lord.

Phone calls come in nearly every day from various entities regarding voting, etc. and of course they all want money. With caller ID I can just let the phone ring, annoying as that is! More money requests come by mail and they go in the trash. Thinking of trash, I am saddened to learn that DOCO recycling will shortly be shut down. This recycling was so good for our community and I didn’t mind separating tin cans from aluminum ones, magazines from other paper, etc. I will continue to keep aluminum for my sons as they take them south of Ava for recycling. It was not good when glass was no longer accepted.

Rachael Schultz (bless her heart) came and vacuumed and mopped for me. Ron and his son Rex came and did some little chores for me. Nice phone calls have come in about this column. You would be surprised at some of the phone calls received asking me about some services available in Douglas County, i.e. where to get one’s well water tested, as well as, who owns some of the stray dogs in this area. One question I truly do wish I had the answer for is which candidate should be our election choice – and which TV channel do I trust.

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. One person asked me to explain some personality and psychiatric terms. This subject I must devote some time to as it has been a while since I worked in that field. Perhaps a Letter to the Editor before too long!

Please continue to pray for the ill, the disadvantaged, for our caretakers, for all who need comfort, but most especially, for Christians, for our country and our military.

Flu symptoms have arrived. Yech!