All Around Bradleyville

Hello again, everyone. I hope you have all had a blessed week. I am sorry for missing last weeks edition, time got away from me, which seems to happen more often, than not.

Last Friday was Homecoming at Bradleyville. They played Everton, and won all three games! Great job to both, the boys and girls teams. I saw some pictures on Facebook and talked to a few who attended the dance, I was told they had a great time. I also heard that some of the kids might have been a little bit impressed by some of the teachers dance moves, I heard there was an Electric Slide line dance lesson given by some of the “older” attendees. It is wonderful to have teachers who love these kids like their own. We are truly blessed to have our kids attend a small school like Bradleyville.

Sadly, I have to say, we seem to have a thief or thieves, in our midst. Someone recently broke in to Sam Barton’s home, and stole a collection of $50,000, worth of guns, as well as vandalizing his house. The last I heard, they had not been recovered and no one had been caught yet. Bradleyville and the surrounding areas, tend to watch out for one another, someone knows who did this, or at least has some information. I urge you to call the Sheriff’s office at 546-7250, with any information. Sam is a good, hard working man, who has earned everything he has, who ever did this needs to be prosecuted. Too many people these days, would rather sit back and take advantage of someone elses hard work, than actually work and earn their own living. I guess there have always been those type of people, but it just seems more prevalent, in the last decade or so. Again, I ask you to please speak up, if you have any information.

I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower, with my wonderful mother-in-law, Mary Rogers, last Saturday. My niece, Becca Solesbee, will be having a baby boy, in March. Needless to say, we are quite excited for the little guy to make his appearance. We should be welcoming little Parker James, around the middle of March. Trust me, you will all know when he gets here. I have decided that, instead of being his great aunt, I am going to be Grandma the 3rd.

Next Sunday is Valentine’s Day. The Bradleyville Nazarene Church will be having fellowship and finger foods following our regular service, we would like to invite everyone to come worship with us. God is blessing our wonderful little church in such great ways right now. I am so excited to see what the future holds. If anyone has been looking for a church to call home, we would love to have you in our church family.

We need to keep Elsie Combs, Pauline Lee, Nadine Horner, Rita Franklin, and so many more that I do not have names to list here, in our thoughts and prayers. There are so may who need prayers everyday, as a matter of fact, who reading this does not need prayers everyday?

I will leave you with a short quote, I found . “You are not what others think you are. You are what God knows you are,” -Shannon Alder. We all need to remember that from time to time. Too often we measure our worth by the world’s standards and not God’s. Think about it though, which one matters?

Birthdays: Feb. 10- Eddie Hunsaker, Feb. 11- Tom Schultz, Tom Todd, Feb. 12- Sam Day, Rheba Pool, Feb. 13- Isaac Henning, Randy Wyman, Feb. 14- Kyndra Day, Feb. 15- Shirley Krause, Feb. 16- Justin Combs, McCoy Humbyrd, Edna Johnson, Sara Krause, and Wyatt Taylor.

Anniversaries: Feb. 13- Gary and Barbara Casey, Feb. 14, Etcyl and Lorrinda Coulter.

Please email me at, or text or call 546-1822, if you have anything you would like to see in the article.

Until next week, prayers for health and happiness.