Bethany Baptist Church

Sally Sorensen invited a lot of her friends to the Grand Opening of her new Amway business. She had a very good evening and is carefully following up on the orders. Her intention is to earn some money to help her with college expenses.

Luke Sorensen was driving up from Arkansas Monday for a visit with his family. We were happy to see a bright and sunny, but cool day for his drive.

The Ladies met for their Bible study, Friday afternoon. There were several prayer requests for church members, family, and friends, some who have serious health issues, some who will be traveling in the next week, and some who are cleaning up basements from the recent flooding.

John and Kristen Rea were the featured guests at church, Sunday morning. This young couple is starting out their married life with a desire to serve the Lord. John has been preaching and assisting pastors in Indonesia for several years. Kristen recently graduated from Baptist Bible Translators with a degree in Linguistics and has been a church musician for many years in the church where her father is pastor. Kristen sang two of the songs that she had written and accompanied herself at the piano.

Jesus, the Son of God, being equal with God, was willing to set aside his glory and become of no reputation. He was willing to humble himself. At the Last Supper, he washed the feet of his disciples, a job that was given to the lowest servant. But when the Apostle John saw Jesus in his glory on the Isle of Patmos, he fell down on his face before the very one that had washed his feet, even as Isaiah fell on his face when he saw the Lord. If we have the mind of Christ it will work out in humbleness not pride. We would have a mind to seek and save the lost. We would be obedient to God’s command to proclaim the gospel.

We will be having a Pizza and Movie night this Friday evening, the first one of 2016. They said that it was a good movie and we know that the pizza will be good.