After more than two days of constant rain here in Olga, there is literally no way out. The thunderstorms that passed through were more bark than bite. Thankfully we sit up high on a ridge and the water runs down into the hollers. We are grateful that we don’t have the concern of our home being flooded as many do.

As we make our rounds to check on the animals, we find that the ground is so wet and soft that our steps sink in past the soles of our boots. Usually this ground up here is dry and rock hard. I think the ducks believe they are in Heaven and seem in shock with which mud hole to start with each morning.

It was a blessing to have a load of dry wood safe from the rain to fend off the cold temps that have finally arrived. Today seems like a good day to make up a pot of Cheeseburger Soup! That is basically a potato soup with hamburger and lots of cheese added to it. Throwing in some bacon and green onions sounds good too. Goodness, now I’m hungry.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know we sure did. We actually had both sons and their sons all together including both 2015 grandsons. It was the first time we’ve all been together for pictures of all the men. It was such a blessing.

I believe we’ll get out today to inspect the high waters. I find it fascinating how the water sheds off the land. Seeing the power of it flowing and pushing everything in its path, changing the landscape as it goes, it reminds us how powerless we truly are in the big picture.

Have a blessed week!